Child Development Center

Hours:  Monday-Friday ~ 6:00am-6:00pm                                                            

649-6096 or 649-6097









 Kris Brewer, CDC Director

I have been employed at Snow Road First Baptist Child Development Center since August of 2006.  My husband and I have been married for 29 years and I have been blessed with three handsome boys and a wonderful grandson.  In my spare time I love being with my family.  My favorite past time is enjoying the colors and sounds of our beaches and taking a relaxing ride on the Tensaw and Alabama Rivers.  God has truly blessed my live for 30 years by creating a path that has always led me to work with children.  I am grateful and rewarded daily when I walk through the doors of Snow Road.  Not many people can go to work and receive unconditional love, great big hugs and bright smiles that fill your heart.                                                                                                          









 Margaret Coley, CDC Administrator

As a young girl I felt the call to be a Missionary.   I thought I had missed the opportunity to work directly in the Lord's service.  I now realize that the years spent in the classroom and having the opportunity to work in the ministry of the child care center was exactly what I was supposed to spend my life doing. I now know that I was given a special of gift of being able to just simply love people…especially the children.  My husband and I have eight wonderful grandchildren, all differen, all special in their own way.  The best part of being a “MeMe” is that my grandchildren all love unconditionally.  We speak often of love. I will tell one of them that I love them to the “moon and back," and the response will be, “I love you around the world."  I simply say I love you the “most," and the answer will be “nope, I love you right up to Heaven!”  And that is my hope for all children, to be loved “right up to Heaven.”



Sheryl Willis, Food Services                                              

I have been married for 33 wonderful years.  We have two grown twin sons and one grandson who is two-years-old.  Since 1988   I have worked in several churches in the area of food services.  I have been employed at Snow Road First Baptist Child Development Center since 2005. My greatest joy and blessing are the children in the CDC.  The children call me, "The Cooker." They are constantly telling me that I make the best food or whatever might be their favorite.  I have parents telling me all the time that their little ones will not eat certain things at home and will say, "It doesn't taste like Mrs. Sheryl's."  My greatest joy are the blessings I receive from the children. They always put a smile on my face as I watch them during the day.  At lunch time I love to stand in the kitchen and look into the lunchroom as they eat their lunch watching them play and gobble down their food. I was thinking about some of the funniest things I have heard children say through the years and it made me think of one little girl who came in early for breakfast one morning and asked me, "What are we were having today?" I told her pop tarts.  She asked, "What kind?"  I told her we have strawberry and strawberry and asked her which one did she want.  She thought and thought, and finally said, "I think I'll have strawberry."  The there's was Easter time and I had given the children some jelly beans.  One little boy wasn't eating his and I asked, why?  He said, "I don't like jelly beans."  I told him to give it to his neighbor (the child next to him) and he said, "I don't have a neighbor, we live in the country."  I've learned that children can say the funniest things!


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